Pochettino asks fans to understand the plan to build a young team.

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Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has once again confirmed that building this team takes time. It is a matter that is difficult for football fans to understand. But it is the plan of the club owner.

Chelsea have made a huge investment into their squad under new owner Todd Bohly, who have focused on signing young players. and released many experienced players from the team in the past two years

However, Chelsea in Pochettino’s first season as manager are likely to miss out on all three European qualifiers for the second year in a row โปรโมชั่น ufabet. Because the team is currently ranked 11th.

“I feel young. I don’t feel like I’m 52 years old. It’s true that this group of players is still young. But we want to help them, talk, train, support, we are supporting them.”

“Today Chelsea is a different team. If you judge us Compare to Chelsea in previous eras, of course no one will win. No one is successful. And no one is nice to you.”

“Fans will never love another coach at Chelsea again if we are stuck in the past. When you have different plans People also need to understand. I tried to explain, I tried to speak, I moved my mouth, but you couldn’t hear anything.”

“I know it’s difficult. I know we need time, belief, this project is about young players. Creating a new team

Asked if he would consider walking away, Pochettino replied: “No, why not? no way”